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AAC users maximize morphology

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Use of morphology is usually impacted in children with language disorders. It is also often restricted in children using augmentative communication systems; whose range of both functions and forms of language are usually limited to structures directly taught.

While we often remediate or develop these skills in verbal children who are learning to expand and improve their language production, we frequently overlook these skills in AAC users.

With these language learners we too often concentrate on the most basic of language structures in our haste to give them the opportunity to just say “something.”

We teach both verbal and nonverbal students alike to use basic phrases and sentences, and we tend to concentrate on basic - and limiting - sentence frames to teach specific structures (i.e. I like _, I see _, I have _, etc.)

I have always loved using children’s literature to teach language skills within the context of a narrative. This resource, offers a book and related activities through which to teach/practice these morphological structures.

In addition to the lap book activities, there are:

  • a book recommended for reading; to illustrate the verb forms,
  • several interactive components that will go into 1 of the 5 lap books created with this resource (1 per verb form), and
  • some no-prep printables to use for additional practice.
  • There are also three craftivities that offer fun activities during which to practice the language forms.

If you prefer to use interactive notebooks, the lap book activities will work well in those, too.

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