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AAC More of the core (year 2)

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We want our AAC users to have a robust vocabulary; to be able to access the curriculum, engage with others, interact with peers and adults.

In order to give them that vocabulary they need to have a robust AAC system that has or allows vocabulary to be added; they need to have models of others using that robust vocabulary in a variety of contexts; they need to be engaged in genuine communication interactions.

We know that vocabulary is best learned in context, and to that end we need to be providing aided input in context when we interact with the user and we also need to have others using that same targeted vocabulary in interactions.

This resource contains 16 words per month (or 4 per week) from's year of core words 2014.

For each month there are:

  • Core word picture cards. You can use these cards for playing Memory or Go Fish type card games, for holding up when you model using them, and for posting in your room each week as you add new target words.
  • For each month’s words there are sentence suggestions.
  • Sentence building activities for using the target words to make phrases and sentences. Use the symbols provided to fill in the blanks to describe the picture.

These worksheets are for identifying the words that would be used in a given sentence or situation.

  • Interactive books in which students can velcro symbols for additional practice. These clinician created books have limited text and use pictures to set the context. There are symbols provided for students to place in the books. Where possible, symbols have been placed at the end of the book. Otherwise they will be on a full page before the book.
  • Picture scenes created to illustrate or elicit core words for that month. Each month has 2-4 scenes. Each scene has Wh-questions specific to that vocabulary, and a data sheet to track data for ability to answer each Wh-question type.
  • There are also sorting tasks for some words, as well as some additional activities where appropriate for some words.
  • There are also 56 clip cards: students choose the symbol that goes with the illustration.

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