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Support emerging communicators with these core vocabulary based communication boards of different sizes and complexity. This is a set of core vocabulary based communication board displays for beginning AAC communicators with 8, 15, 20, 28, and core 30 symbols, and a generic board for reading activities.

Give your AAC users a firm foundation in core words as you build a more robust AAC system.

The packet contains some explanation of core vocabulary, why we use it, how to foster its use in classrooms, a list of early core words and core word combinations.

Boards are in color, and use Symbol Stix from News2You. and Smarty Symbols

Boards are not color coded per Fitzgerald key or Goosens et al, since not everyone uses the same coding system. (explanation included)

You can easily add color cues to the borders.

You might also like these resources to teach core vocabulary: 6 Core Words:books to teach 6 initial core words and More Core Words Books

I also have 3 sets of activity based communication boards available

Activity Based Boards here and a set of summer activity boards. There are also activity boards for games.

A new set of eye gaze boards is now available.

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