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AAC core words starter kit

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If you're supporting augmentative communicators in your speech therapy or special ed classroom groups and are not sure where and how to begin to support nonverbal or minimally verbal students: Then this AAC Starter Kit resource is for you!

Containing everything you need to begin to support a emergent communicator; this resource has:

  • a robust core and fringe word picture communication book,
  • a bundle of my "teach me...core words" resources
  • some fun games for practicing finding, combining, and using core words

Please note: This file is BIG. So it has to be stored on Google Drive. The handout you are downloading here contains a link to the resource, from which you can download it.

You can find all the components here: 10 Weeks to Communicating with 40 Core Words
Core Word Roll a Phrase
Core Word Fill-in-the-Blank
Core and Fringe Word Communication Book
AAC System Search and Say and
Teach Me Core Words 3-resource bundle

Bundles price of all these resources is more than 15% off the list price if you purchased them all separately.

Total Pages 500+

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