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AAC Core Word Modeling Plan

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Staff and parents all know how to use Aided Language Stimulation with this resource that offers background information about modeling, core words, partner strategies, and specific plans for modeling 41 core words.

You will find:
Intro to AAC p. 4-6
Core Words p.7-10
Where to Start p.11-12
Planning p. 13
Aided Language Input p. 14-19
Being a Good Partner p. 20-22
Implementation p. 23-33
Stages of Language p.34-35
Word of the Week p. 36-38
Data Tracker p. 39
Examples p. 40-43
Specific Core Words p. 44-84

Use the posters to put in the classroom and therapy room, as well as to send home. Each poster shows the word being focused on, the symbol and related symbols, and examples of when and how to use at the 1 word, 2 words, and 3 word stages.

Includes a brochure about Aided Language Stimulation that can be printed (2-sided) and given to all communication partners.

Includes letter to parents, word of the week information, information about Brown's Stages and Morphemes, why we use core words, and much more.

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