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AAC Core Vocabulary Activities Phrases Bundle No Print Speech Therapy

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Don't stress about supporting AAC users in teletherapy/distance learning. This bundle of 3 resources specifically targets pronoun verb phrases about common activities in school, on the playground, and daily living chores with on-screen communication boards that provide interactive learning.

Using communication symbols that respond to the click of a mouse these resources help AAC users learn to construct simple phrases to identify actions of people in pictures.

Engaging clip art shows students in school centers, doing familiar chores, and having fun on the playground.

Core word based communication boards help students focus on core vocabulary while learning to use 2-word phrases.

These distance learning resources for AAC intervention offer students the opportunity for additional practice of core vocabulary with the context of pictures of familiar situations.

Relax in the knowledge that the situations are provided for you and AAC intervention is at your fingertips.

Works great in traditional settings, too!

Each page is created for errorless learning; each correct word in the phrase automatically links to the next page/word, giving students multiple responses for each picture.

Total of 95 practice phrases.

Give your students the magic of core vocabulary to get them communicating with pictures.

Digital resources are not printed; rather they are played on a tablet, computer, or Smartboard. This resource is a downloaded pdf, so could be printed if you desire, but would not be interactive in the same way.

Each resource is an interactive PDF. This is a ZIP file of 3 resources.

Included in the bundle:

  • AAC Core Vocabulary Activities No Print Phrases | Daily Chores Speech Therapy
  • AAC Core Vocabulary Activities No Print Phrases | School Centers Speech Therapy
  • AAC Core Vocabulary Activities No Print Phrases | Playground Speech Therapy

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