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AAC core and fringe vocabulary communication book

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70 pages

Your AAC users need a system that has a robust vocabulary and is based on core words. This relatively inexpensive communication book is just what you need to get them started. With 2 different sizes of core word boards to choose from and multiple pages with additional core plus relevant fringe vocabulary your students will be communicating in no time.

This is a multi-page core & fringe vocabulary book. It goes into a 3-ring binder, as shown in the photos, after being printed and laminated.

  • The first 2 pages make up the core vocabulary board that is visible/available at all times.
  • There are 2 versions; one more robust than the other. There are 24 symbols/page and 15 symbols/page versions.
  • There are then pages for a variety of vocabulary to provide sufficient words for students to communicate.
  • Additional word pages include actions, describing words, spatial words, feelings, foods, body parts, health/what's wrong, toys, weather, times, songs, animals, vehicles, clothing, art, places, schedule, numbers & letters.
  • There are blank pages to which you can add your own pictures and vocabulary that are important to your student/child - foods, toys, people, places, etc.
  • There is a smaller core word board to put on the front of the notebook.
  • There are core words 3x5 (approximately) cards to cut apart, laminate and put on a ring to carry with you. These come in handy.
  • There are also 3X5 sizes of all of the 48 core words in the core word board, to create a classroom-sized communication display.

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