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AAC activities to teach core words bundle

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This resource is a mega-bundle of >330 pages of AAC core word practice opportunities; including:

  • event simulations (going to a burger restaurant or ice cream parlour, taking a hike through the woods, playing a race car game, going to the pizza restaurant, going to a candy & sticker store)
  • using language and target words in play activities; such as playing with toy cars, a feed-the-monkey game, a “Chutes & Ladders” -type game, 2 farm set play activities, a dress-the-doll for the weather activity
  • using language and target words during board and card games (games provided),
  • tic-tac-toe type game cards for target vocabulary by month (for the first 6 months of A Year of Core Words from PrAACtical AAC)
  • a birthday party simulation with an interactive social skills story book.

You will also find information about core words, about using Aided Language Stimulation, and about time delay teaching strategies with a program explanation sheet and data sheets

  • There are also a variety of core word communication board, word wall cards and core word cards included.

The individual resources are found here:

Activities and Games for a Year of Core Part 1 and Activities for a Year of Core Nature Hike and Teach Me 6 Core Words and Teach Me to Communicate at a Birthday Party and Teach Me More Core Words and Teach Me 6 More Core Words

Total Pages 330+

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