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AAC 6 more core words books Teen version

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60 pages

Get instant help with core vocabulary intervention for emerging communicators, AAC users, students with complex communication needs.This is the 3rd set of core word interactive books for teaching beginning aac users how to use core words to communicate effectively.

Teen or High School version

  • The first - 6 Core Words - introduced again, go, not, stop, more, and
  • The second - More Core Words - introduced I, you, want, that, it, mine, some, in, here, and is. here.

In this set are: help, out, on, off, yes, what

  • There is a 12 page HELP book,
  • a 14 page ON book,
  • a 12 page OFF book,
  • a 12 page OUT book,
  • a 14 page YES book and
  • a 20 page WHAT? book.

Each book uses a combination of SymbolStix communication symbols, copyright-free photographs, and clip art.

There are a few suggestions for teaching in context, and a die to use to practice using and finding the words in the student's aac system.

There is an explanation of core words and introduction to the teaching of them.

While teaching words in context is obviously the most preferred use, there are times when students need additional practice and direct instruction decontextualized

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